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Working for the world of entertainment since 1864
  Since 1864 - Rental and sale of props - Cinema - Theatre - Television  

The origin of our firm dates back to the second half of nineteenth century.
In Milan Pietro Zaffaroni and his wife Giulia Sormani own a workshop
which furnishes the Scala Theatre and other theatres all over Italy.

In 1864 Giulia Sormani inherits her husband's business. Afterwards she gets married
to the sculptor Edoardo Rancati, teacher in Fine Arts Brera Accademy in Milan.
Then Giulia's brothers, Angelo and Giuseppe begin to work in the firm too.
So E. Rancati & C. is established.

In 1875 Angelo Sormani opens the branch in Rome. In 1892 E. Rancati & C. is awarded
at the Chicago World Exhibition. The firm grows and begins to have international success.
In 1912 Romolo Sormani, son of Angelo, gets acquainted and collaborates with the greatest
theatre and arts masters: Puccini, Mascagni, Toscanini, Savinio, De Chirico, Prampolini,
Sironi and his brotherly friend Nicola Benois.

During the thirties and the fourties the E. Rancati & C. begin a long collaboration
for the cinema; Romolo supplies furnitures for the most important movies productions.
After the war Romolo Sormani's sons Angelo, Anna and Giuseppe, greatly develope the business,
having the name "Rancati" known trough the most important theatre and cinematographic productions.
Now Cristina and Romolo Sormani (the fourth generation) are the owners of E.Rancati s.r.l.
based in Milan and Rome.

  E. Rancati S.r.l. - Milan / Rome